Torque limiters and torque limiting couplings

ENEMAC torque limiters are a reliable way of minimizing costly repairs and mechanical stoppages, using mature torque restriction (overload protection) technology. They rapidly stop the drive train if a disruption occurs, safely diverting destructive inertial forces and torque peaks.

ENEMAC torque limiters are the result of decades of experience - as proven by many thousands of implementations.

A tried and tested design principle, specially selected, high-value materials, exacting production techniques, and an almost unlimited range of optional product variants, are all combined to make these mature products stand head and shoulders above their competitors in the international couplings market.

ENEMAC manufactures these coupling variants entirely out of stainless steel, making them ideal for use in torque restriction applications for foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and medical technology, as well as their usual area of application, as safety and overload couplings.

ENEMAC torque limiters are not designed to protect people from mobile objects.

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Torque Limiters

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  • for direct and indirect drives
  • play-free torque transfer
  • infinitely settable extension moment
  • 360° synchronous detent - automatic re-engagement
  • large selection of types and sizes - all fully modular
  • torques up to 23,000 Nm
  • lifetime lubrication to 110 °C as standard
  • lubrication for higher temperature ranges on request
  • foodstuff lubrication in accordance with NSF registration on request
  • stainless steel variants on request
  • special designs on request